General dentistry (children and adults)

General dentistry plays an important role in the prevention of dental diseases. We will find a quick and effective solution for restoring a broken tooth or relieving pain. Regularly checking the state of your teeth will help to discover disorders early to maintain your healthy smile.


The possibilities of prosthetic treatments are very diverse. Aesthetic problems can be solved using different laminates or dental crowns. Missing teeth can be replaced by dental bridges or dentures.


The best solution in case of loss of teeth is to replace the missing tooth with an artificial root, also known as an implant. Thereafter an prothetic construction is attached to the implant. We use top-quality BEGO implants from Germany.


Whitening helps to make the darkened teeth more brighter. There are several options for professional and safe whitening: in-clinic whitening or home whitening.

In the clinic, whitening takes about 2 hours. After the procedure, you leave with a bright and beautiful smile.

For home whitening, the patient will get personal whitening trays. Trays with a professional whitening gel ensure a beautiful whitening result even at home.

Hygenist services

Professional dental cleaning includes soda washing and calculus removal. Regular cleaning helps keep your teeth white and healthy.

In addition, cleansing is required, for example, before starting treatment with Lumiliner aligners and before a professional whitening procedure.

It is recommended to clean teeth 1-2 times a year. The procedure takes 15-30 minutes.